The NOWT Board of Directors, in consultation with event organizers and angler feedback, have been working to establish standardized rules which apply to all NOWT sanctioned events. The goal is to ensure compliance with Federal and Provincial laws, angler safety, natural resource conservation, and fair competition at all NOWT sanctioned events.

The NOWT rule set acts as minimum criteria for all NOWT sanctioned events – meaning organizers and participants are can expect adoption of these rules as a minimum.

It is expected that all organizers and anglers review and understand these rules clearly prior to hosting/participating in any NOWT sanctioned event.

Please see the NOWT Tournament Rules page for the published rules.  A downloadable version is also available.

In addition to these rules, the KRWT will have our event specific rules, which will be summarized at the mandatory rules meeting Friday night, and included in the angler packages.

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